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Sponsored Membership

Building Our WildResearch Community!

One of the main pillars of WildResearch’s mission is to build a community that contributes to conservation science. We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be a part of that community and that membership fees are not a barrier to participation. WildResearch offers “sponsored memberships,” which allows any member or prospective member to have their membership fees paid from the sponsored membership pool. WildResearch members can choose to top-up their regular or student membership fees to help us build our WildResearch community. If you would like to contribute to our sponsorship fund, please consider selecting the “Sponsor a membership” option when you register or renew your WildResearch membership. This would add an additional $15.00 to the membership fee bringing a regular member fee to $50.00 and a student fee to $45.00. While this extra $15 does not cover the entire cost of a sponsored membership, it does cover the majority of the fee for the individual’s insurance to participate in WildResearch events.Thank you for helping to make our WildResearch community more accessible to everyone.

To apply for a sponsored membership, please reach out to and we will provide you with a year-long membership. WildResearch does not require proof of need but asks that members only use this option if the cost of membership would otherwise prevent their participation. If you would like more information on sponsored memberships, please contact us at

A group of WildResearch members birding at Reifel Bird Sanctuary
Photo credit:  Kevan Cowcill