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Join a Committee

Behind the scenes of any WildResearch program, event, or initiative is a dedicated group of volunteers. We all work together on small committees that meet regularly throughout the year. Each committee has a representative who reports to the board, and someone that sits on the Grants Committee.

If you are interested in learning more about what opportunities are available, or if you’d like to join one of the committees listed below, please contact us at

Member Services and Outreach Committee

The WildResearch Member Services and Outreach Committee (MSOC) comes together about once a month to plan member events such as bird walks, skill-building workshops, and social gatherings. We engage in member and general outreach, both through a biweekly newsletter and our social media accounts. In addition to this, we conduct member registration and assist with fundraising. We plan our annual general meeting and volunteer appreciation event, which happens each year in February. We also organize outreach opportunities for the general public, such as booths at local events and conferences.

Time commitment = 3 – 4 hours/month

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee is a relatively new committee that meets about once per month to plan initiatives that improve accessibility, equity, diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation in WildResearch. Currently, we are working on developing an organization-wide Code of Conduct.

Time commitment = 2 – 3 hours/month

The Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is made up of one representative from each of WildResearch’s other committees. Representatives are responsible for searching for grants that are applicable to their committee. Each committee is responsible for applying for their own grants, and the Grants Committee provides support and resources. The Grants Committee may also write and apply for more general, organization-wide grants. We meet quarterly to share opportunities and discuss applications. We also are responsible for updating a calendar with upcoming grant deadlines.

Time commitment = 2-3 hours/month

Please let us know if you are interested in joining our committee, even if you don’t belong to another WildResearch committee – we are happy to have more help!

BCMMP Regional Coordinators

The British Columbia Marsh Monitoring Program (BCMMP) is looking for people outside of the Lower Mainland to organize and oversee BCMMP surveys throughout BC. Regional coordinators are responsible for identifying new marshes in their region for surveys, arranging landowner permission to perform surveys, entering new survey stations into NatureCounts, communicating with and assisting volunteers, and corresponding with coordinators from other regions and Birds Canada. Some regional coordinators may choose to set up a committee to coordinate the program as a team, who can meet according to their own schedules. Note that the time commitments for this role vary seasonally, with the majority of the work occurring during the survey season between February and July.

Time commitment = 8 – 16 hours/month

If you are interested in becoming a BCMMP regional coordinator, see the BCMMP contacts page to get in touch with your local coordinator team and ask if they need help. If there is no coordinator in your region yet, contact the WildResearch BCMMP committee at and we will help you get started.