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Conserving nature through science and outreach

Become a Member

Becoming a member of WildResearch is a great way to learn about nature, contribute to conservation projects and become involved in your community.

 As a member of WildResearch, you will receive:

  1. Weekly newsletter emails from WildResearch with news updates and details about upcoming events and programs; and
  2. Access to WildResearch’s Better Impact scheduling program so that you can start signing up for and enjoying WildResearch’s many programs and events, including:
    • Hands on training and experience on WildResearch’s research programs
    • Birding field trips focused on learning bird identification by sight and sound
    • Classroom and hands-on workshops in bird banding
    • Workshops on a variety of biology-related topics
    • Social and Networking events
    • WildResearch’s annual general meeting and volunteer appreciation party

As WildResearch is a federated club under BC Nature, our members can also enjoy the benefits of BC Nature membership, including:

  1. The opportunity to participate in all activities of BC Nature including Spring and Fall General meetings, monthly club meetings, conferences, camps, interpretive walks, etc.
  2. The opportunity to serve as a director or fill other executive positions within BC Nature
  3. The right to vote at the BC Nature AGM
  4. A digital subscription to the quarterly BC Nature Magazine (physical subscriptions are available to members for an additional $5)