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Butterfly Monitoring Workshop

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Posted: June 5, 2016

Aldergrove Wetland Tour

Do you want to learn more about wetlands and the creatures within? We will be taking a tour around a newly constructed wetland in Aldergrove April 24, 10:30am.  We have an opportunity to check some minnow traps to see wetland creatures, such as Western Toads and North-western Salamanders, up close. There are also lots of birds to be found in this little wetland oasis.

This trip will be led by Aleesha Switzer from the Fraser Valley Conservancy.  Aleesha has worked in this wetland since its construction and is very excited to showcase its success. A fun day of trapping, wading, and frogging awaits!

This event is open to WildResearch members; register on Better Impact! Not a member yet? Read about the many benefits of WildResearch memberships, and how to become a member here.

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Posted: April 5, 2016

Bird ID Field Trips 2015-2016

WildResearch’s Bird ID Trips Field Trips 2015-2016 Are BACK!

Join WildResearch for our annual winter Bird Identification Field Trips at a variety of parks across the Metro Vancouver area! Learn to identify a wide variety of wintering passerines, waterfowl, raptors, and shore birds. Meet and socialize with nature loving individuals and network with professional biologists.

Dates and Locations:
1) December 20, 2015 – Iona Beach Regional Park, Richmond
2) January 17, 2016 – Maplewood Flats, North Vancouver
3) February 14, 2016 – John Henry Park (Trout Lake), Vancouver
4) March 13, 2016 – Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta
* Trips begin at 10am and will be about 2-3 hours in duration.

Field trips are open to all current WildResearch members
– Members: confirm your participation, please sign up using Better Impact. Those registered for the events will be sent further details on meet-up locations.
– Non-members: join us here

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Posted: December 19, 2015

Intro to R and Data Analysis Workshop

WildResearch will be hosting an introduction to R and data analysis workshop designed for those who have never or are starting to learn R.  We will start with basic R functions such as how to set your working directory, input data, and manipulate data.  The workshop will also cover basic statistical methods such as null hypothesis testing, significance, data distributions, t-tests, ANOVAs, linear modelling – all in R! This is great way to be introduced to or be reacquainted with R and statistics.

Date: Jan. 30th, 2016, 11am to 4pm.
Location: Vancouver Library’s Kensington Branch
Cost: The cost is $35 and is for members only*
Registration: Sign-up using Better Impact (Members), registration is limited to 20 participants

*All proceeds go to WildResearch

Not a member, but interested in participating? Join us here

If you have any question, please contact Jay Brogan (jbrogan@wildresearch).

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Posted: December 19, 2015

Request for Proposals – Report Writing Contract

WildResearch is seeking the services of an experienced writer and statistician to produce a cumulative report. The report will summarize bird-monitoring data collected during the first five years (2010-2015) of WildResearch’s flagship program, Iona Island Bird Observatory (IIBO). The report will include statistical analyses of bird-monitoring data, including mark-recapture survival analysis and multivariate analyses. The written report will detail analyses, summarize results and describe program successes from 2010-2015.

Applicants are asked to submit bids for a contract to produce the cumulative report no later than 5:00 PM, Monday, December 28 2015. Applications submitted by single applicants are preferred, however we will consider applications submitted by more than one person, if the roles of each person in the preparation of the report are clearly defined, and timeline expectations are detailed per person, and the names and roles of all persons, who will be involved are included with testimony of their expertise.

Full Proposal details available here.

Posted: December 7, 2015