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Aldergrove Wetland Tour

Do you want to learn more about wetlands and the creatures within? We will be taking a tour around a newly constructed wetland in Aldergrove April 24, 10:30am.  We have an opportunity to check some minnow traps to see wetland creatures, such as Western Toads and North-western Salamanders, up close. There are also lots of birds to be found in this little wetland oasis.

This trip will be led by Aleesha Switzer from the Fraser Valley Conservancy.  Aleesha has worked in this wetland since its construction and is very excited to showcase its success. A fun day of trapping, wading, and frogging awaits!

This event is open to WildResearch members; register on Better Impact! Not a member yet? Read about the many benefits of WildResearch memberships, and how to become a member here.

Christine Rock_Western Toad copy

Posted: April 5, 2016